Tammy Smith

(630) 551-5762

For over 15 years Tammy has assisted families as they navigate some of the most challenging and emotional times in their lives. She actively listens and with great care and compassion she brings hope when hope seems to be lost. She recognizes that each person and each family can have very different needs but upholding one’s dignity is universal. She works closely with families by educating and guiding through this part of their lives while focusing on the great amount the support that the Medicare Hospice Benefit can offer and Palliative Care.  She gives families comfort and consistency with providing knowledge of all the options for families to ensure they can care for their loved ones in the best way possible without taking away their choice and independence.  Tammy brings to every bedside; her knowledge and compassion through to the end-of-life care all while supporting, collaborating with other health care professionals, and assisting in seamless process in coordination of care.